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Thank you Richard Those are the best business cards I have ever ordered! I’m very excited! Thank you again 🙂
Priscilla U
If you could hear me looking and laughing with giddy delight, you would have also heard me say: “NOW WHY DIDN”T I THINK OF THAT???” I really didn’t know that you were a designer. I am above and beyond impressed.
Ben Smith
(Columbus, Ohio)
Thank You Richard – love the cards. When I order them again, will you have all the info on file? (Editor’s note – yes, we do archive all uploaded and/or created print files for several years – for FREE!)
Jackie C
I am delighted with my order which was delivered on time and is of the utmost quality, in fact, better than I anticipated. I could not be more pleased and will broadcast your value and quality to everyone I meet.
Dawn M
(DM Presents)
Thanks so much, Richard! You are one in a million and I love doing business with you!
Linda G
(GTOT Association)
The Greeting Cards arrived and they look great.
Peter B
I just wanted to let you know we received the brochures yesterday and they are fantastic!! 🙂 Thank you again for all your help and I will be ready to make up additional brochures soon.
Robyn S
Thanks very much for looking into this. Your company’s responsiveness always amazes me. Have a great weekend!
Mariusz B
RE: Festival Postcards – Many thanks! You’re terrific!
Carol C
We love the rack cards!!! Thank you.
Jessie H
I got my business cards and they are AWESOME! Thank you for all your help that goes waaay beyond of what can be expected.
Alex M
I’m in love with my new biz cards – thank you for all your help and guidance. Beautiful cards!
Andrew K
I just received my latest two orders of business cards today – both with rounded corners. I love them! They turned out wonderfully! I have already given one order to one client and she is thrilled too. Thank you!
Katrina H
I am so glad you’re still around… I’ve had nothing but a wonderful experience with your company!
Michele SG
Seriously – your customer service is off the charts. I will always use you on freelance print jobs that come up and I will recommend you to others.
Brett G
By the way, on the postcard order for SE – my client and I were completely blown away by how quickly they came in. I ordered them on Monday they were delivered on Friday. And my client absolutely LOVES them. I have not yet seen them but he was so excited about how well they came out and the cost was less than ½ of what we can get from a local printer here – and that is not with the UV coating and heavier stock. So thank you for making me look so good to my client – and for your awesome customer service – I’m so happy I discovered you guys!
Chana M
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